Volunteerism Reinvented

Our Seva Exchange platform and app match volunteers with needs using AI. The platform also uses blockchain technology to enable volunteer retention and simplify recruitment. We differentiate our company from the competition by offering motivators for volunteers like rewards and skill mastery.

In the News

IN the Top 20

Top 20 Blockchain Startup finalist (1000s applied for the chance to pitch for a $2 million grand prize)

Second Place

Second-place showing in a recent Oracle Blockchain pitch fest (30 participants),.

First Place

Tech Startup Fest : BLOCKCHAIN @ Google 2018

Awarepreneurs Podcast

A full hour podcast that outlines various aspects of the SevaX platform business,

Freakonomics Podcast

Listen 40 minutes into the episode to hear Andrew Yang's take on Seva Exchange.

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang discusses Digital Social Credits and Seva Exchange Corporation.