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About Seva Exchange

Seva Exchange empowers communities and organizations with the right tools and resources to change the world of volunteerism and charitable giving.

We are transforming how we help one another and give back. We do this by providing a user-friendly, secure digital platform which uses artificial intelligence to match skills/interests and resources with people who need help in those areas while capturing the value of each gift that can be paid forward. Local municipalities will depend on our aggregated data reporting to deploy the necessary resources to those struggling or marginalized communities. 

Our Innovative Approach

Our technology pairs volunteers’ skills and passions with the needs of communities and organizations through AI-powered technology, wherein volunteers earn time credits for service that can be applied toward their own needs, or donated to others. There are several ways in which users can engage with the technology that are meaningful and attainable to them, personally. This includes creating one’s own Seva Community, fundraising and organizing events and groups for specific causes, contributing their own skills, or donating goods, money, or service credits toward those who need it most. 

Powerful Motivators

At its core, our SevaX model taps into four powerful motivators: validation, extrinsic rewards, skills mastery, and gamification.  Combined, these can help unlock the talents and potential of tens of millions of volunteers annually, creating significant value to organization and community members.